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Independent Apartments

(Efficiency, One Bedroom, Two Bedroom)

Sylvia Aliberti moved to an independent apartment 10 years ago. She shared, "I have enjoyed being a part of the Retirement Community ever since." After working and living in Oak Ridge for 51 years, remaining involved in the community was very important. "I am active with local volunteer work and find the location to be so convenient. The total sense of security is appreciated. The thoughtfulness and sincere concern of the staff certainly adds to the sense of well being. This was a good choice."

Assisted Living
(Private Room and Bath)

Sammye Jones has always been surrounded by a close knit family. Daughter Ellen Stephenson shares, "with the death of Dad, it was necessary to look for a special place for Mom to live where she could have some independence while having a safety net of folks readily available when she needed help. The caring staff, the round-the-clock nursing assistance, and the safe, secure facility were the deciding factors of choosing ORRC to become Mom's extended family. And what a wonderful decision! Mom enjoys the friendly staff, the activities, the food selection, and her own personalized room. The nurturing atmosphere has encouraged Mom to be more outgoing. We are grateful for this wonderful place for her . . . a place where she is happy and content!"

Personalized Assisted Living
(Private Room and Bath)

Elizabeth Scaggs moved to Personalized Assisted Living after recovering from a major stroke. Her son, Steve Croslin shares, "My mother receives not only care for her physical needs of daily living but also lots of love and affection from the staff which is an important need at any age. We are very lucky to have chosen such a safe and caring environment." Elizabeth enjoys spending holidays and special occasions at her son's home with his wife and daughters.

Oak Ridge Retirement Community, with a well established reputation for quality services, offers Choices. Our goal is for residents to maintain maximum independence with the security of knowing a caring, trained, professional staff is available to aid with individual needs. To schedule a tour and discuss Choices call (865) 483-1314.

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